Sikhism and Hinduism

Sikh Scriptures and Historical Texts

1) Gurbani Concerning Hinduism  –  Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (holy Scriptures) rejects Hinduism. Includes quotes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

2) Bhai Gurdas Ji on Hinduism – The most authentic work in Sikh history disapproves Sikhi being a sect of any religion.

3) Sikh Texts on Distinctiveness of Sikhism – Other accepted Sikh historical texts that speak of Sikhi or Khalsa Panth being a separate religion.

4) Amrit Sanchaar Principles – Principles that are taught to Sikhs during baptism ceremony.

Questions and Answers

1) Six Questions of Hindus – Answers to the most frequent questions raised by Hindus.

2) Sikhi and RSS – Answers to some of very important questions used by Hindus attack Sikhi.

3) Conversation – Conversation between a Hindu and a Sikh on the distinctiveness of the Sikh religion.

Discussion on Hindu Holy Books and Practices (Conversational)

Note – The following articles are based on Hum Hindu Nahin by Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha translated by Bhai Jarnail Singh.

1) Vedas, Shastras and Puranas  

2) Caste and Varna

3) Avatars     

4) Gods and Goddesses

5) Worship of Idols    

6) Sandhya Tarpan

7) Sutak Patak – Puerperium        

8) Chauka Kaar – Sacred Square

9) Fasting        

10) Mahurat – Omens

11) Pret Kirya, Shradha – Rites for the dead        

12) Mantras – Incantations

13) Yag and Homa        

14) Rites and Symbols

15) Conclusion